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[Closed] Canon 500D Digital SLR Camera

[Closed] Canon 500D Digital SLR Camera

At last, something for those tech geeks to get their hands on.  One of the most expensive Want It, Win It giveaways we have launched to date!  In line with the new website launch, we are giving away a top of line Canon 500D camera.  This digital SLR is one of the most popular entry level cameras on the market, and is so easy to use that even monkeys have been known to use them – believe us, we’ve seen them on YouTube!

Description: This prize is for a Canon 500D DSLR Camera complete with a Canon 18-55mm lens.
Prize Value: £490.00
Closing Date: 31st August 2011
How to enter: Submit the best photograph you’ve ever taken! We aren’t looking for pure professional photos, just something with some real unique inspiration.

This competition has now ended. Congratulations to the winner, Jack Newman from London.