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About Us

What is ‘Want It, Win It‘?

Want It, Win It, is a free to enter competition website. Our competitions vary from free concert tickets, through to the latest electrical gadgets.

Who pays for the prizes?

Some of the prizes are sponsored by particular companies, these are indicated on the competition page, others are supported thanks to the adverts found on the ‘Want It, Win It‘ website.  What is a promise is that we will never charge for prizes, nor will our customers have to foot the bill.

What kind of prizes do you offer?

Our prizes vary from the latest hundred dollar fashion trends and technology busting gizmos, through to our booby prize of the month.  If you have a suggestion for a prize you would like to see on the website, drop us an email at [email protected]

How does the booby prize work?

Anyone that enters a competition on the Want It Win It website, will automatically be entered in to the ‘Boobie Prize of the Month’ competition, which could be anything from a frozen chicken, through to a broken pen, depending how generous we are feeling!

Who knows about you?

We have been mentioned on a host of comping sites within the UK, including:-

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